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Tool Rental Program

Ready to try a new craft but you aren’t ready to commit to the tools? Maybe you just need a specific piece of equipment for one project. That’s where the Tool Rental Program serves your needs! Rent what you need when you need it. Try new things and consider future purchases. Call 330-269-9511 or email today to schedule an appointment or get more information!

A collection of available tools to rent; spinning wheel, looms, fiber processing tools

Rental Policy:

  1. In order to borrow equipment, customers must first read the policies and rental agreement form. To establish understanding and acceptance of these documents, the borrower must sign the rental form.
  2. In addition to signing the rental agreement, borrowers will provide a valid credit card number. This authorizes Gwen Erin Natural Fibers to charge customers the full amount of the equipment in the case of loss or damage. You are required to keep your credit card information up to date.
  3. Gwen Erin Natural Fibers reserves the right to recover the full or partial cost of severly damaged or lost equipment.
  4. Equipment can be rented for 7 days at a time and must be returned during business hours. Contact Gwen Brown if you need to make a special appointment for rental returns.
  5. Any equipment returned after the due date will be charged a late fee of $3 per day until the tool has been returned.
  6. Equipment can be renewed for another 7 days if the tool has not been reserved by another borrower.
  7. Rentals take place under the expectation that the signer of the agreement will be the only user of the equipment.
  8. When renting equipment, customers are expected to have an understanding of its operation. Renters must be able to use the equipment safely and competently. Please inform Gwen Erin Natural Fibers if you require assistant prior to rental.
  9. Before removing any equipment from the shop, renters must record the condition of the equipment including all scratches, dents, or missing pieces with an employee of Gwen Erin Natural Fibers. Customers will assume responsibility for any defects not noted prior to rental.
  10. All equipment will be returned in the same condition as it was when rented. Normal wear and tear can be expected.

Try these tools today!

Fiber Preparation Tools:
Wool Combs . . . $20 deposit / $10 per week

Hand Carders . . . $20 deposit / $10 per week

Spinning Tools:
Spindle . . . $15 deposit / $5 per week

Spinning Wheel . . . $70 deposit / $25 per week

Weaving Tools:
Fringe Twister . . . $15 deposit / $10 per week

Cricket Loom . . . $20 deposit / $15 per week

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